This Year’s Beers & Ciders

Definition of beer



  • an alcoholic beverage made by brewing and fermentation from cereals, usually malted barley, and flavoured with hops and the like for a slightly bitter taste. 
  • any of various beverages, whether alcoholic or not, made from roots, molasses or sugar, yeast, etc 
  • an individual serving of beer; a glass, can, or bottle of beer

Please not this is not a legally binding list and is subject to change (and grow!!!)

Animal Brewing

Hop Kitty – 3.9%

A low ABV pale ale, huge on hops. Packed with more Citra and Cascade than ever before. Hop Kitty is bursting with intense tropical and citrus flavours.

Salamander Roggenbier – 4.6%

Stuffed with 25% Rye, 15% Munich, and 10% Cara-Munich II and a sprinkling of Carafa III.  This little animal has plenty of body, with Rye, biscuit and malty flavours with hint of spice. 

Battledown Brewery

Amber Ale – 4.2%

A light copper coloured beer, the malts evident giving way to the triple hop addition for a slightly spicy citrus finish.

Four Kings – 7.2%

A blockbuster of a beer, lots of everything and then some more. Heady aroma, full and complex taste

Gin House – 4.0%

An amber beer using the botanicals that are a by product of our sister company Sibling Distillery to replace the late addition hops

Pale Ale – 3.8%

A gold and tasty summer Pale Ale light and refreshing with the Strisselspalt hops lingering nicely on the palette.

Porter – 4.5%

Darker in taste, with echoes of the eighteenth century, deep red with a hint of coffee, velvety smooth and rich in malt

Saison – 4.0%

A rich full flavoured blonde Belgian style ‘Farmhouse Ale’ using Saaz Czech hops and a hint of coriander

Bellingers Brewery

Gallipoli – 5.3%

Big strong Double Stout. velvety dark chocolate aroma and this follows through to the palate. hint of roast but the overriding flavours are chocolate fudge and vanilla.

Pathfinder – 4.3%

Cask lager

Summer Ale – 3.7%

A light and refreshing session beer with soft nutty, toffee malts with a late bitterness

Brakspear Brewery

Oxford Gold – 4.0%

A wonderful aromatic zesty aroma, great for a warm summers evening as the sun sets on the day

Church Hanbrewery

Camarillo – 4.0%

Camarillo (Amarillo and Camomile Beer) – pale, hoppy, floral.

Czar Bomba – 9.5%

Imperial stout with a dark chocolate, deep flavour

Ale X – 4.5%

A tribute to the hop lover. Our signature blend of flavoursome and aromatic hops, with clear citrus, pine, spice and herbal notes.

Teardrop Pure Citra – 4.2%

America pale ale. A zesty, refreshing, fruity American pale ale with 100% Citra hops..

Witty Mango – 5.7%

Wheat beer with mango notes

Crossed Anchors Brewery

American Pale Ale – 4.2%

US West Coast pale ale, clean & smooth bittering, with floral; citrus & tropical fruit flavours. Massive dry hopping for great aroma.

Le Douff Super Pale – 4.7%

Super light pale ale with mega dry hopping. Light mouth feel and gentle finish. But those hops, man oh man, those hops!

Weiss Guy – 5.0%

Dry-hopped dark ale with cedar, fruit & honey notes. Easy drinking dark ale with cedar, fruit and honey flavours and huge aroma from cask dry-hopping

DE14 Brewery

Flight Suit – 5.1%

The aroma of freshly sliced,ripe apples its amber hue is emphasised by a tight rich head. A complex finish of bitter hops, nuts and citrus fruits

Great Newsome

Sleck Dust – 3.8%

Golden coloured thirst quenching easy drinking ale. Pleasingly bittered with lemony citrus hop notes and a floral aroma. “Sleck Dust” to quench the thirst!

Gwynty Ddraig

Black Dragon – 7.2%

Matured in oak barrels to produce a cider rich in colour, body and flavour with a fresh fruity aroma

Celtic Warrior – 5.3%

A rounded sweet cider with an aroma of fresh apple juice. 

Dog Dancer – 6.5%

Bittersweet cider apples blended with a true sharp cider apple, gives a light straw coloured cider with a medium, smooth crisp, slightly sharp characteristic.

Happy Daze – 4.5%

A fruity, appley aroma with a well balance finish.  A light and very easy to drink medium cider. 

Farmhouse Pyder – 6.0%

Out of the ordinary apple and pear matured cider – delivers a refreshingly fruity flavoured cider with smooth crisp finish.

Farmhouse Scrumpy – 5.3%

Golden medium cider with a refreshing apple aroma. 

Two Trees Perry – 4.5%

Award winning pale, fruity Perry with an aroma of fruit and a hint of honey on the palate.

Hook Norton Brewery

Amarillo – 4.5%

Crisp and fruity with notes of orange and grapefruit. A beer to welcome lighter longer nights and warmer days.

Do Bee Have – 5.1%

Light amber in colour, this beer uses British honey and a selection of British and American hops – a wellbalanced easy drinking beer

Sundial – 3.9%

Light and refreshing, the perfect pint to wile away those lazy Bank Holidays! A beer for the start of summer.

Kingstone Press

Wild Berry Cider – 4.0%

Our Wild Berry flavoured cider combines our Classic Apple cider recipe with a cocktail of wild berry fruit flavours, to deliver a refreshingly fruity flavoured cider with smooth crisp finish.

Little Ox Brewery

Dark & Seedy – 5.5%

A smooth & creamy Vanilla-infused stout

Goldilox – 3.9%

Goldilox is a very pale golden session ale, made with the best pale and pilsner malts and bursting with massive whole hop flavours of zesty fruits and a rounded lingering bitterness. A perfect summertime thirst quencher that we like to think is sunshine in a glass.

Oxford Pilsner – 5.0%

Premium pilsner malt is used in this hoppy and pleasantly bitter beer. The use of both bohemian and new world hops gives a traditional pilsner with a modern twist

Road Runner – 3.9%


Summer Session – 3.2%

Hoppy session ale.

Wipe Out – 4.2%

A zesty 4.2% American style pale with copious amounts of US west coast hops and a pale malt base. Available in cask and 500ml bottles.

Yabba Dabba Doo – 4.8%

This hoppy, zesty IPA delivers waves of tropical passionfruit, peach and citrus flavours, on a backbone of soft caramel malt

Loose Canon Brewery

Recoil – 4.2%

A Dry hopped all plisner malt brew crips and straw colourd with big hits of tropical fruits and citrus flavours

Marstons Brewery

61 Deep – 3.8%

Five American & Australian hops. Fresh zesty aroma. Tropical fruit & citrus notes

Old Empire IPA – 5.7%

Goldings and Fuggles hops are added to this brew, which is then late hopped with the American Cascade variety for extra hop strength

Special Limited Edition IPA – 6.0%

IPA late hopped with Mandarina Bavaria

Estrela Damm – 5.4%

Clean and crisp Mediterranean lager, perfect for summer drinking

North Cotswold Brewery

Hung Drawn n Double Portered – 6.1%

Dark ruby coloured beer with a nice sweetness

Black Jack – 6.0%

A malty black IPA

Green Man IPA – 4.0%

Double hopped light golden IPA

Morerum Mild – 4.8%

A mild which comes with a tot of Rum – definitely one to be tried


Big Grizzly – 6.5%

American brown ale

Summer Session – 3.2%

Hoppy Session ale

Oxford Craft Beer Co

Matilda’s Tears – 5.0%

English IPA

Destiny’s Mild – 3.8%


Philsters Ales

Glassblower – 3.6%

Traditional Light Amber English Best Bitter. Moderately hopped with Pioneer, Cascade and East Kent Goldings. A nicely balanced session ale.

Oxford Red – 4.2%

Full of rich stone fruit flavours and aroma from generous. Amounts of Simcoe hops paired with rare Red Malt.

Prescott Ales

Grand Prix – 5.2%

A powerful and full-flavoured ale

Super 6 No 1 – 4.5%

America and New Zealand hops.

Super 6 No 2 – 4.5%

Pale malts and generous helpings of Citra and Mosaic hops create an IPA bursting with fruit flavours such as lemon, lime and mango.

Ringwood Brewery

Forty Niner – 4.9%

Named after its 4.9% strength and is golden, full-bodied and malty with a deep, bittersweet finish. Made in the New Forest with floor-malted Maris Otter barley, Goldings, Progress, Fuggles and Challenger hops and Ringwood’s own famous strain of yeas

Stonehenge Ales

Great Bustard – 4.8%

A dark amber coloured beer with a deep red hue traditionally brewed using only the finest quality of Stonehenge Spring water, barley, rye, crystal and wheat malts, whole hops and the brewery’s own top-fermenting yeast. The complex malt and fruit flavours develop into a very pleasingly fruity and bitter aftertaste which lingers on

Sign Of Spring – 4.6%

A light green, incredibly smooth and very drinkable beer, rich in both malt and hop aroma

Spire Ale – 3.8%

A light golden, hoppy beer traditionally brewed using only the finest quality of Stonehenge Spring Water, barley and wheat malts, whole hops and the brewery’s own top-fermenting yeast. This session bitter has a pleasing hop aroma and slight bitterness which develops into a well-rounded bitter finish accompanied by a pleasant maltiness and fruitiness

Stroud Brewery

Dubbel Bond – 6.2%

A dark, ruby coloured beer with plenty of malt aromas, full of sweet biscuity flavours and suggestions of stewed pudding. Organic Unfined (Vegan)

Hop Drop – 4.5%

Organic. Unfined (vegan). A tropical fruit explosion from 3 hops to maximise the juicy. Winner of 2 star Great Taste award, 2018


Green Goblin – 6.0%

The Green Goblin from deep in the wood – 100 year-old oak vats, that is.Made with English apples, and matured in oak vats, Green Goblin cider is a full-flavoured, bittersweet blend, beautifully balanced to give a fresh character with a medium dry finish.


Wainwright – 4.1%

Named it in honour of the famous fell walker, author and fellow Lancastrian Alfred Wainwright. With its hoppy aroma, subtle sweetness and delicate citrus fruit flavours this award-winning golden ale is like the country air Alfred so enjoyed – totally refreshing

West Berks Brewery

Maharaja IPA – 5.1%

Full on tropical fruit flavours Mouth-watering bitterness and a rich earthy finish

Have a Great Day – 4.2%

This gracefully blended rye pale ale gives you a subtle spice flavour, caramel, citrus and pine aromas with a refreshingly dry, peppery finish.

Wychwood Brewery

Hobgoblin – 4.5%

Traditionally craft brewed with Chocolate & Crystal malts and a blend of Styrian, Goldings & Fuggles hops to produce a full-bodied, Ruby beer that delivers a delicious chocolate toffee malt flavour, balanced with a rounded moderate bitterness and an overall fruity, mischievous character.

Hobgoblin Gold – 4.5%

Hobgoblin Gold is the latest beer carrying the little fella’s moniker, and while Gold might be lighter in colour, it’s definitely no lightweight. A combination of hop varieties & an infusion of wheat and malted barley has resulted in the perfect golden beer – with a huge hop punch.

Hobgobin IPA – 5.3%

Heftily hopped & aroma packed, Hobgoblin IPA stays true to its ancestral traditions. Brewed with Fuggles, Goldings & Styrian hops & then amped up by the addition of some mighty American hops. This collision of Old & New World hops provides an explosion of tropical aroma & a juicy bitterness. Born out of character

XT Brewery

XT13 – 4.5%

Galaxy, Riwaka, Columbus and Pacific Gem hops from all around the Pacific Ocean, meet on a raft of amber red malts